Mechanical death

Like a body just awakened
In his tomb

In the stillness of the night
My dust coated eyes
Open wide

In the silence of the dark
My sewn lips come undone
The stillness of my heart
Suddenly it beats like a drum

When I blink
My eyes creak
That’s how long it’s been
When I open my cracked lips
My tongue nearly falls off its hinge

Like a toy they can wind
The mechanisms in my mind
The gears begin turning
Behind my doll like eyes
Eternity is burning

And once again
I burden the world
With yet another breath
Just when nature
Thought it had seen to my death


Written in 2014 Posted on previous blog

Pompous ass

Why yes I am a pompous twirp
How good of you to notice
Would you like to give this mask a whirl?
You’ll rather find that your wings will unfurl
Yes, bingo wings
But it’s okay, you can stick duct tape
Nice and tight, bind that flesh in
That’s right
Remember never to wind ya neck in
it’ll happen naturally
Standing outside the antiques inn
Cooing over pottery cows
What a nice novelty jug to store ya milk in!
Sit inside sun lit cafes
Drinking tea and eating scones
Talking of the husbands
In hushed tones
Bitching about that bitch
In leopard print rags
Still with the shopping tags
And that young lad
Who don’t know how to wear his fucking cap
Ya’ve got it in mind to give these youths a slap
Your husbands too
Cuz he’s been out on the razz
Spilling beer on his corduroy trousers
While dancing to jazz
And to top your day off
I’m being a pompous ass



Dance me to the moon

Dancing shadows
And a moon lit sky
Nostalgic for a lost lover
Cradled in my arms once over
Enduring the bliss from which I once recovered

Making the hairs stand on my neck
Engaging in a lust that will leave me a wreck

Tormenting my soul, in ways,
Only I can know

Hazardous lust under rain clouds
Enigmatic kisses behind a foggy shroud

Moonlight flickers behind trees
Omniscient presence watching from above
Only us and our secrets between the light and us
No one need know we painted the night red, in lust.



To the wind
I will whisper
All my secrets
And they will be transparent
And whirl up the leaves
And my secrets
Will turn into hushed silence
Flowing through the breeze
A sprinkling of words
Settled into the atmosphere
Like a ghost
People will always hear
But they’ll shrug their shoulders
And off they’ll go
Not a sound, not a word
Just an eerie feeling
There was something unheard.

© 2015

Different shades of blue

I don’t want to let you go
I want to float away with you
I want to go into oblivion too
My identity insists on you

I can still hear your footsteps echoing
I’m trying to reconstruct these memories
Sharp as razor edges, broken in pieces

I’m trying to find our reflection
But all I see is a stranger fading from me
Your face began to wane
And now you look like anyone

And I’m afraid
Because though you’re slipping away
I’ve left a part of me too
And it’ll always be with you
But all you left me
Were different shades of blue


© 2015

I’ve got my favourite t-shirt on

I’ve got my favourite t-shirt on
Wearing my sunglasses
Leaning against the wall
Listening to that northern drawl
Some of them recognise my face
A little stunned
As I seem to be changing at a fast pace
But then they remember
They haven’t seen me in a while
For a while they thought maybe I’d left
This little place
But now they see me and wonder
Where has he been?
He’s one of them lads from that special facility
Ya can tell something aint right with him
Wonder what it is
They say to their wives and husbands
When they return home with Buster
The conversation soon forgotten
As am I, till they see me again
Just dawdling on by


We’re out of the calm
Damned with repentance
walking through eternal mists
Lighting candles so we can see
The horror of our adoration
Repugnantly sweet
Liquid cruelty

Limpid brown eyes
Gazing through cadavers
Cutting through the charming herd
Carefully plucking up the nerve
To resemble arrival


I’m back with a new blog, so what better post to start it all off again than a poem I wrote, appropriately titled “Arrival”