Blow by blow

Under red glow
outside thunder
No one knows
the sordid details
of us in the throes
Bodies colliding
No heroes

under red glow
Shadows moving
But they don’t know
This feeling
Blow by blow
©Silverbackgorillapoetry 2016 June

No picture for this one, you be the judge on what this one is about.

In fact no more pictures for my poetry, the words shall speak for themselves from here. If that means less people pay attention, so fucking be it.

I’ve got my favourite t-shirt on

I’ve got my favourite t-shirt on
Wearing my sunglasses
Leaning against the wall
Listening to that northern drawl
Some of them recognise my face
A little stunned
As I seem to be changing at a fast pace
But then they remember
They haven’t seen me in a while
For a while they thought maybe I’d left
This little place
But now they see me and wonder
Where has he been?
He’s one of them lads from that special facility
Ya can tell something aint right with him
Wonder what it is
They say to their wives and husbands
When they return home with Buster
The conversation soon forgotten
As am I, till they see me again
Just dawdling on by