The good, the badass, the ugly

I’m going to space
With Jack
And his mate Mack
We’ll be space cowboys
Running rogue among the stars

Jack will bring his wife
Honey is such a laugh
And Mack will bring his knife
And we’ll scour the stars
For game, unicorns and dragons
On the moon or failing that L.A
Who can tell the difference anyway?
When you’re all drugged up
On scandal
Revealed in photographs
We took in Santa Monica bay!

And we’ll swing among the stars
Get our names in the lights
We’ll swing from Jupiter to mars
Just like Frank Sinatra sang!

We’ll be the rogue space cowboys
the good, that’s Jack
The badass, that’s Mack
the ugly? That’s Matt! (me)

(c) 2016 Feb

I love Jack

I’ve been on the whiskey again
Gone to tennessee
See my friend
Jack is always at the docks
And we talk of chicks and rock

Like the fluffiness of a few day old chicken
Freshly hatched
And everyones already finger lickin’!
And the rocks on the pennines
Way back yonder
Where I come from

Velvety smooth
Down the hatch
I love Jack