Passing Seattle

Gonna go to Seattle and on to Bellevue
wouldn’t go with anyone but you
so we can drink on the rocks
A holiday from the school of hard knocks
We’ll hustle and bustle
With the nightlife of Belltown
and that swinging jazz will
Hush our nerves right down

And when we bed down
With the lace unfastened
We’ll call in on our old friend passion
Or we can just lay
In the glow of moonlight
A neon sign in the sky
Illuminating shadows
Rarely seen, usually only in passing

I love Jack

I’ve been on the whiskey again
Gone to tennessee
See my friend
Jack is always at the docks
And we talk of chicks and rock

Like the fluffiness of a few day old chicken
Freshly hatched
And everyones already finger lickin’!
And the rocks on the pennines
Way back yonder
Where I come from

Velvety smooth
Down the hatch
I love Jack