A freak: Warning lots of F words.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.

I’m a freak
A fucking freak
if only I could own it
I’m a freak
A fucking freak
A fucking pretender
an agitator
A fucking freak
trying to be normal
A fucking freak
Is that a bad thing?
I don’t know
I’m a fucking freak
But they call me a fucking sheep
I’m an alligator
A fucking agitator
A pretender
A fucking freak

I’m an accumulation of freakish things
A caricature of society
A reflection of mans insanity.


I’m wearing odd socks
It’s not an accident
I knew when I put ‘em on
One black, one blue
I look better in different hues
I plan on wearing different coloured shoes
One black one brown
I’ve got a certificate of insanity
I wear it like a crown
And the birds flock, I don’t half bring a crowd
And they beatbox and have rap battles
The Blue Tits almost always win
Or the Bullfinches
They’re often almost in
Just beating round the edge of victory
While the Blue Tit chirps cheekily
And they all perch on me like I’m a tree
We have story time and laugh out loud
Spending time with dinosaurs!
It’s the best it can be

© Silverbackgorillapoetry 2016 July