A story of sheep.

Once upon a time, there was a herd of sheep.

And that herd of sheep walked over to the fence of another herd of sheep.

And the sheep that had walked over to the other herd said, ‘Bahhh!’ in a mocking tone and then said, ‘you fuckin’ sheep!’
And they continued to ‘bah’ in mocking tones.

All the sheep in the herd that was mocking the other said the exact same things.
They sounded the same because they were the same.

They accused all the other sheep of fear-mongering about a virus all while spreading fear of the ‘commies’ and Bill Gates and the ‘new world order’

And the vaccine will be worse than the virus, don’t you know?
Unless of course, the whole thing is a hoax.

And masks can you make you ill, depleting your oxygen levels.
But they also don’t work to help contain the spread of a virus.

And the other herd said some of the same things as each other too but that was because facts don’t change no matter who bah’s them.

The herd that mocked don’t know they’re sheep. Which makes them the winners at being the biggest, bestest sheep!

GP: Of sheep and shepherds

GP = Gorilla philosophises
You turn to like minded men & women and then you point over in our direction and say, “Look at them following the herd.” And I turn to my herd and I say, “Look at them, they don’t know they’re in a herd.”

They can’t see that the clouds they follow are sheep.

And they think that what lays ahead of their shepherd is a field of freedom to which he is leading them, but up ahead there is always another shepherd.