Why do men’s ties go around their necks like nooses?
Tightly fitted suits
Sun beaming
Too hot.
A wife & kids at home
Asks for a whiskey on the rocks
Resembles his marriage
Time is ticking.

Tick Tock.
Arriving home half-cocked
Trapped in that Windsor knot
Mortgages & picket fences
Looks like he’s got the lot
But he’s hitched to his work
Meanwhile the janitor doesn’t get paid much
But he’s still got his head
And that’s worth more than tying knots.

GP: Of sheep and shepherds

GP = Gorilla philosophises
You turn to like minded men & women and then you point over in our direction and say, “Look at them following the herd.” And I turn to my herd and I say, “Look at them, they don’t know they’re in a herd.”

They can’t see that the clouds they follow are sheep.

And they think that what lays ahead of their shepherd is a field of freedom to which he is leading them, but up ahead there is always another shepherd.