what does that make me

I am the pendulum that swings
To knock down these walls
I tried to be so strong
But I’ve not got the wings
To fly away from this storm
And I wish I could say
That I think I’ll be okay
But I don’t believe, I never did anyway
I keep it all inside
Think I’ll lose something
If I show you this
Darkness within
And I know even now
This is just a fucking glimpse
And I won’t let you further in
You still won’t know what I’m dealing with
I watch these men and women
Walking around with hearts on their sleeves
People think I’m one of them
Cause I write these words
But it’s all appearances
You have no clue what’s on inside
I’m insane, does that make me less insane
Than those that don’t keep it contained?
Cause I lock mine in a cage
Only let it run behind closed doors
Seal it up in wardrobes and drawers
I’m medicated, keep it medicated
But there is a limit
And the monsters still wage these wars
Am I less insane than those
That don’t keep it contained?
Does that mean that I’m in less pain?
I was always told, in the case of an accident
It’s the silent victims first
Because they’re in critical condition
Well what does that make me
When it’s all silent
While they scream

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