Grinding gear

I don’t wanna be at the top of the tower
I don’t wanna live in a tower at all
I just want to find peace in my mind
But that’s just another lie
I’ve been sold, to believe
That I could one day achieve
Peace on earth inside my mind
But there is nothing peaceful
About human kind
Or any other animal
Cause the world is sick and cruel
You won’t catch me saying it’s beautiful
I don’t really want a place in this mechanism
I don’t want to be a grinding gear in this
I don’t want to be mechanical or animal
I don’t want to be in this chain of command
I don’t wanna choose life, choose a fucking widescreen TV
Or a fucking wife with a picket fence
To fence us in suburbia
I don’t wanna give an inch
Fuck it
I don’t even wanna be the grinding gear
With pen to paper, I don’t wanna be here

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