Look ya best, lads

look ya best

Ya need a little zest
Put on ya hair gel
And thermal vest
Button up ya shirt
Make sure to look ya best!
Put on ya dancing shoes
Remember we’re only guests
We’re nothing important
So why get stressed?

Roll up ya sleeves and fight it out
Nothing to see, just a little fallout
When ya get arrested ya best friend will bail ya out
And when ya fucking the girl next door
Over the garden fence, he’ll be ya look out

That’s it lads, stand proud
What are we even worrying about
We’re nothing special
Nothing to shout about
God forbid you forgot to pullout
Now got one in the oven
Well done, ya bleeding boy scout!

Ya need a little zest
Put on ya best
Smile for the cameras
Pretend like ya feel blessed
Turn ya frown upside down
A change is as good as a rest!

Dupe yaself into passion
Let me see it in ya eyes
Diamonds in ya eyes are all the fashion
So come on
Get a little zest
Start by looking ya fuckin’ best!

© 2016 June

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