May I urinate along with the correct genitals in the stall next to me

The title ^^^ that’s how stupid some of you sound.


I used a unisex toilet

imagine my embarrassment

when I learnt

it doesn’t mean I can rape the women….


(taking the piss out of people getting bent out of shape over unisex toilets in certain states of America)

people so bent out of shape about what gentials the urine is coming out of in the next stall makes me laugh at you humans so much. Just take a piss and be done with it. Jesus fucking Christ. And most men are not going to go in there with the hopes of raping women. And for the love of God, most men aren’t gonna dress as women just to take advantage of women and children. And for fuck sake you’ve been sharing bathrooms with trans people for a long time. The only difference is some people have decided to make it all a big deal on the left, that trans people use toilets, and the right have reacted with their usual rhetoric. Both sides are a barrel of laughs. I’m so glad I’m not a human…..

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