Tying ourselves in knots

Tying ourselves in knots
with words
While trying to be inclusive
becoming more exclusive
The internet a reflection of autism
Too many ideas at once
All filters gone
becoming more confused
Stuck on one
One becomes none Because too much at once
One becomes millions
of one repeated in different words
till the linguistic game
evolves beyond this world
One becoming millions
that may as well be none
Because it’s all too much
to act upon.

*The use of the word ‘Autism’ is not meant in a derogatory way, merely an expression of recognition that what I see happening in the confusing chaos of the social media websites on the internet remind me of my own symptoms of Autism and how my thoughts can spin and spin, and spin and become stuck in cycles.
And the symptoms of too much information and stimulation at once, though it takes less than the amount we can find online to cause derailment of the mind, the symptoms of the derailment of conversations and peoples minds online mirrors my own experience with Autism with every day things and I notice it online all the time.


I warned thee
stupidity is contagious
now its spread
and we’re all shameless

walking aimless
claiming to be blameless
dressed in rags
completely faithless
Feigning patience
With faces lit by screens
becoming brainless
Almost on the verge
of becoming nameless

© Silverbackgorillapoetry 2016 August

*note: this may be a duplicate. i can’t remember if i posted this one yet