Day 17 Beast

The mist smeared the day
in a haze
the leaves licked at me
morning dew
slipped like silk
onto my skin
The sun just rising beyond
and delirious
with my pursuit
I thought I felt the earth
breathe underneath my feet
I could hear it’s stomach churning
the worms ready to feast
The world itself a beast
and I just a mere mite crawling
matted in it’s fur
and reliant upon it’s skin
not something to be messed with.

Bonus December poem was written off the cuff after reading comments online.

You know all the things
you know everything
you can read between the lines
people like me are just blind
I know, I know
The government is incompetent
and it’s also pulling off the greatest conspiracy
of all time
Don’t you know?

And I know, I know
what you’re gonna say
‘you’re a sheeple, yea, you’re a sheeple’
well I guess it’s got the same syllables as people
but you’re just robots
dreaming of the sheep

And you keep saying you’re having a great time
unlike us, you say, as if you know
Go ahead and have the greatest of times
I really don’t mind
but in the end….

you’re still….

a fucking…..