NaPoWriMo: this is a thing I just wrote

There is a dash between your words
leaving me hanging
don’t you know I’m clinging onto every syllable?
You lost me my mind
I’ve looked in lost property
there are too many brains in there
how can I know which is mine?

Who left that one shoe
did they even notice as they hobbled home?
It makes no sense.
I’m talking nonsense
because you’ve got me by a thread
barley hanging on

I wish I wasn’t like this,
this thing inside my head
That noises the still
in frantic efforts to be upkept
combing through the beard
trying to hide my unkempt mind

My brain wasn’t drawn right
cartoonistic endurance
physics of thought
kicking me into yesterdays yesterday
eyes bulging out
my heart leaping out of my mouth
lungs blown all out of proportion
by cigarettes I passively smoked
anothers cancer in communion
with anyone else it can be around to choke

If I sit myself still, the mind might sit too
but I think it might just spill
a whole upsurge of ruin
the skeletons of time killed

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