Unsolicited opinions on medication.

Why is that when you’re on anti-depressants and you’re talking to someone about it, it’s so common for people to say,
‘I’m not a fan, but if you need them then take them.’

Why do they feel it necessary and important to let you know they’re not a fan? Would they do that for any other medication?

‘Oh you’re on a heart meds? I’m not a fan, but if you need to take them, take them.’

Imagine if someone said that?

Wouldn’t that be a stupid thing to say? ‘I’m not a fan’ not a fan? Of what? heart meds? that keep someone alive?

Yet no one blinks an eye when people say this about anti-depressants, in fact it seems to me it’s encouraged.

4 thoughts on “Unsolicited opinions on medication.

  1. Combining Empathy June 14, 2021 / 11:40 am

    I’d say it’s either from priviledge or pain. Either the person can somehow manage with other avenues of support in their life, or had mild situational depression that they found they were able to overcome without the meds, or just with therapy, that they see it as an easy option or something.

    Or (in my case) it could be trauma or bad experiences. Like I don’t make a secret of how I tried a lot of different antidepressants over the years, all of which gave me bad side effects that made it harder to get by in daily life. So whilst I wouldn’t think “I’m not a fan” would explain that, if I thought the person I’m explaining it to wouldn’t get any benefit from hearing my experience, I may refer to the fact I stopped taking them, and don’t feel good about the risk of having to go back on them for myself.

    We’re all so different and meds are so different that we can’t really generalise our experience.

    But also the more I think about the phrasing, the more I’m thinking that’s just an unthoughtful/unhelpful comment to say to anyone lol.

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  2. rugby843 August 22, 2021 / 6:42 pm

    I was on them and a lot of other meds, vitamin supplements, etc for many years. The worst was the fentanyl patch that steadily increased over years. I’m not on anything since 2014 and feel all the better for it. But the last two years I have been depressed and now can hardly read the news. Maybe it’s time to try a new antidepressant.


    • Flint Wilder August 25, 2021 / 7:40 pm

      I’ve been on anti-d’s since my teens so been on the a long time. Can’t see myself ever not on them to be honest. My Depression seems to be largely treatment reisistent. So anti-depressants only do so much.. But the alternative to no meds is…. well my Depression is worse then which is saying something as it’s pretty bad still on meds.

      Sorry you’re starting to feel depressed again, hope you feel better soon.

      Thanks for the comment and checking out my blog.

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      • rugby843 August 25, 2021 / 10:58 pm

        Depression is serious, glad you can take something that helps even if only a little


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