8 thoughts on “Sunday wordle: Writer’s block

  1. inkbiotic June 30, 2019 / 7:09 pm

    Damn those critters!


    • Matt Johnson June 30, 2019 / 9:22 pm

      I imagine they have an office.

      In fact I kinda wish I’d put hippos instead of ‘critters’ now because I have decided I like the image of little tiny hippos in my brain writing up all the creative stuff for me to use.

      The reason for hippos? Because there is a part of the brain called the hippocampus. So I imagine loads of little hippos that live in a camp… sat around a camp fire, firing out stories (something they don’t do much of these days) and poetry.

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      • inkbiotic July 1, 2019 / 12:38 am

        I liked critters because it sounded a bit sinister, like the gnashing of endless thoughts. But hippos sound lovely, more relaxed. 🙂


      • Matt Johnson July 2, 2019 / 1:25 pm

        I dunno. Would you say Hippos are relaxed when a species of leech ( Placobdelloides jaegerskioeldi) has evolved specifically to feast on Hippo’s rectums?

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      • inkbiotic July 2, 2019 / 6:17 pm

        Well, when you put it like that it doesn’t sound relaxing. But i can’t help thinking some expensive spa will soon start charging a fortune to use these leeches as a new beauty routine/health fad and people will flock to to try it.


  2. Captain Q July 3, 2019 / 1:26 pm

    I feel I’ve been blocked for months now. I’m regurgitating past words in the hope I’ll be inspired by some damn thing.

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    • Matt Johnson July 3, 2019 / 1:51 pm

      Yea i’ve been struggling for a while to get much of anything out fiction or poetry wise.

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