The Axolotl & The Anglerfish

“Go on!” The axolotl says “Pull my legs!”
“Why, oh why would I do a thing like that?”
What a cute little beast the axolotl is!
“Pull my legs! I grow back limbs!”
“Back limbs? Why do you want limbs on your back!”
The axolotl is always smiling.
“Do it for science,” Says a womanly voice, the sound of a goddess it must be!
“Holy Moses!” It’s the Anglerfish.
No goddess, just fucking terrifying!
“Can’t you see the beauty in my sharp, sharp teeth?” She grins
But what other expression could it have been?
“They serve a purpose I suppose, there is beauty in that.”
“But you said there is no purpose.” The axolotl said in its sweet little voice
“No grander purpose,” I reply
“Only the purpose of now.” The Anglerfish added.
I quite agreed, but it tormented me, “But that’s the problem.”
“What is?” Axolotl asks
“It leads to this thing we call hedonism, and that isn’t necessarily any good either.” I frowned in thought
“ If you’re looking for something, pull my limbs!”
“What would that achieve?”
“Nothing. I just really want to show you my party trick.”
The Anglerfish sighed, “I create my own light.”
“The human species creates light, but we sacrificed the stars. They’re seldom seen, even at night.”
“Damn!” The axolotl said
“That’s very sad.” The Anglerfish agreed.

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