In the process of collapse

Slowing down

taking everything with ease

its all what it is

as free as the breeze….


the stresses have got so that

i can’t tell what stresses they are

no words I can attach to them

they’re just there, floating around my head

rock back and forth, that always soothes me

nope not today

nothing works.


Breathe. Fucking breathe

or maybe if I just….

put my head under the water

and fall asleep

and oops

all stresses are gone.



by by these thoughts


what’s real what’s not



Maybe if I just….

lost my trail of thought


Is there anybody in there?

I know this building (me)

is in the process of coming to pieces

I’m trying to rescue you

hello? Is anyone there?

I’m trying to get you out before the ruin


torch light shining on the walls

they’re damp

and stained with blood

the upper roof has crashed in

wont be long now

this building is collapsing

can’t get to the heart of it

that will have to wait till the pieces have been collected

after the fall

this is place is gonna be derelict

for a while

forever if forgotten.

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