Liquid cruelty

With this liquid cruelty
Bring on the bourbon whiskey
And lonely girl bartenders
Living lives of dissatisfaction

Who will take off their dresses
While they’re dancing on the sheets
In hotel room one hundred and twenty three
Where cheap nights
Lace with cheap curtains

I’ll promise
it’s all discreet
And my fingers like pencils
Will draw upon her cheeks
The red blush of sex
She’s been waiting for, for weeks

I’ll inhale the smell
Of her perfume
Devour her beauty
When she does the walk of shame
I’ll beat the heart of pain

Knowing I’ve dirtied
another one
And I’ll spin into nothingness
At 3 am
Trying to chase back
My drunken ass
Before I feel lame again

(c) 2016 March

*notice: Any ads and/or supposed ‘related’ ‘similar’ posts are not endorsed by Silverbackgorillapoetry

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