Make history if you can’t make kids… I don’t know why


I recall a night back when I used to frequent a support chat room when I got to talking to someone who was questioning their entire existence and point of living. Their issue was(without going into details as to the why) the chance of them reproducing offspring were at best extremely minimal, at worse zero chance. They suggested that this meant that there wasn’t a reason for them to continue. “If a person doesn’t leave behind a bloodline what is their point,” is mostly what their argument entailed. On that very night for reasons unfathomable to me, because I’m often the most pessimistic, grumpy little fucker there is, I came out with this(not exactly these words it was a while ago): “You don’t need to leave your DNA behind if you can make history.”

I think I knew what I meant at the time I said it, within the context of the entire conversation. Now that my memory is hazy, I can’t say I really know what I meant.

Perhaps I meant that he should go out there and become so famous he would be forever written into textbooks for generations to come, or maybe I meant it in a much more subtle way. Make history with those you come into contact with, spreading your metaphorical seed in peoples minds, perhaps that is a way to ‘reproduce’ without those pesky, grubby kids running around like the maniacs they are.

I don’t know what I meant. But for some reason from time to time, this memory comes back to me, and I remember saying that and then I wonder what the hell I thought when I said it, I know I was in a hyperactive, fighting frame of mind but that is all I can remember.

Perhaps you have some ideas as to what I could have meant?