You took up so much volume in my head
Your every word, your every way
The way your nostrils flare
At everyday happenings
As if they’re the most disgusting
Offensive things
People just simply existing
In the same time frame as you
Have you reeling
I know your laugh is that of smugness
Believing you’re more intelligent than the rest of us
that you’re in the know
And we’re just clueless

And I gave you way too much time
Though you wouldn’t know
Because you never cared to notice
The story behind anyone else’s eyes
Back and forth between anger and sympathy
Driving myself insane
At the thought that maybe
You just needed someone to comfort you
But alas I sit here today
Coming to the conclusion
You enjoy the drama you create
And though I don’t wish anything bad
To be your fate
I’m letting you go
I’m saying any apology will be too late
I’m saying I no longer care enough
To drive myself insane.
I’m saying that it’s enough
For you, I have no more space inside my head.

One thought on “Enough

  1. mumsthewordblog1 June 13, 2017 / 11:52 am

    Sounds cathartic 😃🦉


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