Trying not to give a fuck

Here is Mark Mansons article on not giving a fuck

Mark Manson apprently doesn’t give fucks, or rather has a fuck account and never spends more fucks than he has or is needed. I’ve spent so many fucks, you’d think i’d be in debt with no fucks left to give. But it seems unlike my bank account for money, the more fucks I give the more fucks I get….. Huh?  It seems the secret with fuck accounts, unlike bank accounts is to try to have less fucks, rather than gaining more fucks.

So the more fucks you have, the poorer you are. So have an account with few fucks but use those few fucks wisely. I’m guessing a fuck account with zero fucks, would be bad. Indifferent. I kind of wish i could be indifferent though. I want zero fucks in my account.

Fuck yea I want zero fucks. But now I give too much of a fuck about getting my fuck account to zero….

Ah fuck.


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