Brexit: Gorilla smells something fishy

I know a lot of people on the brexit side of the debate have suggested some conspiracy theory fears leading up the vote, meaning many of them were advising one another to vote in pen not pencil.

I don’t fault them for it, I think it’s a genuine concern rather than some ‘paranoid hysteria’

Despite brexit still winning, though the results were very close, I can’t help but still think something is amiss. Something about the way Boris Johnson and Fish Face  I mean Michael Gove and the way they reacted like they were at a funeral just seemed off to me. It’s almost like they expected to lose and hoped to lose. Why would that be?

I know some comment on that facebook site many of you humans are victims of (it’s eating your brains by the way), has been shared about how it’s a lose – lose situation for Boris and David Cameron standing down has checkmated him.

Maybe thats it.

But, and perhaps it’s a paranoid part of me (I admit i am not immune to some very paranoid behaviour and thoughts), i still feel there is more to this story. I don’t wish to be one of those conspiracy theorists where absolutely every event is a ‘false flag’ nothing if is ever real! If something bad happens to the opposing side, it’s a false flag to get people to sympathise and move to their side. But I certainly feel something is amiss about all this, and though someone may have put their finger on a little bit of what it is (that it’s actually ended up a lose- lose situation) i feel like there is something else, that I can’t put my finger on and that I haven’t yet seen anyone else do.

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